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My Window Solutions is the best choice and below are some of the reasons to trust us to take care of all your window and door needs:

  • Best Product Choices:  We have checked out the available products in the window and door market place and we have the best quality and value options we can find.  With over a dozen of the top window manufactures, we have weeded out the brands that are not unique with better products and choices.
  • Best Warranty:  My Window Solutions offers lifetime warranty on our workmanship!! Lifetime of you owning that property, we will back our work against any failure of our workmanship or materials.  Most window companies will give a 2-4 year coverage on their workmanship, not us, we offer LIFETIME!
  • Windows and Doors are all we do:  You will not find us installing solar, or remodeling your kitchen.  We do windows and doors, period.  We are licensed general contractors as well as glazing contractor, this would allow us to do remodels, but we only do windows and doors.  We do the construction surrounding our jobs including stucco, framing, drywall and more, but we do not bid for jobs that are not connected to door and window installation.
  • No Sub-Contractors: We are the guys from start to finish.  No other contractors involved in our work, so we know who is at your house and exactly what their training is.  All of the “Big Box” stores, and many window companies use sub-contractors to complete their jobs.  This can be great, but many times the quality of work suffers, and there can be communication break downs between the sub and the company.  We train our guys, supply uniforms, materials and trucks.  This way we are sure that the products are being installed to our rigid standards.
  • No Pressure:.  We promise to never pressure you into a sale.  That will never happen here, we just are not that kind of people.  We want you to make an informed decision and decide to partner with us on your own.
  • Expert and Polite Staff:  Our staff is polite, friendly, and well trained.  We strive to impress you at every stage of the project.  Being a small specialized business we can promise great service and a job well done.
  • AAA Better Business Bureau: We have no complaints with the BBB, and we plan on keeping it that way.
  • No complaints on contractor’s license: This is something that can only happen when you pride yourself on making every one of your customers happy.
  • Best Materials: We use the best possible sealants, flashings, fasteners, and brands.  With all the best stuff your job will be the best it can be.
  • Showroom: Open to the public we offer our showroom to help you decide what works best for you.

“We look forward to meeting you!”

—Parry Annis
Owner, My Window Solutions

My Window Solutions

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