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We install all types of doors including, sliding Doors, Entry Doors, French Doors, Interior doors, Closet Doors, and more...

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    My Window Solutions offers various styles and types of windows including wooden, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum windows, which can be styled as single/double hung, bay, casement, awning, sliding, or garden window. We carry many brands and all styles of windows and can help you to choose the most appropriate style for your home.

    We offer a large variety of doors, made of various materials, such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum, as well as many different styles, such as sliding doors, entry doors, French doors, interior doors, closet doors and more. Our expert window and door technicians can help you to choose the most elegant door option for your home as well as getting it installed properly. My Window Solutions is your number one choice in finding the best replacement doors and windows to improve your home.

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    Happy Clients

    Happy Holidays to all – thank you so much for all your support on our door. A special thank you. You make every customer feel special!

    -Lloyd and Linda Jones, Chatsworth

    I want to personally thank their crew for the great job they did measuring, ordering and installing windows in my home. They were very professional, and the job was done in a timely manner. Their prices were very reasonable, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in the market for windows, and wants a fair price, as well as a job well done.

    -A Very Satisfied Customer, Joy, Newbury Park

    We just wanted to thank you for your continued exceptional service. Since our relationship began back in 2004 we have been very pleased with your company in all aspects from the receptionist to the installation guys. Everyone is friendly, courteous and efficient. We are still enjoying our beautiful windows and could not be happier with our investment. We have had two warranty calls since our purchase and both times the replacement product was delivered and installed very quickly with absolutely no hassles. Thank you so much for great service! We have, and will continue to, refer your company to everyone we know!

    -Best regards, Gina Sillers, Thousand Oaks

    Thank you so much for your professionalism you all have shown. We love all our windows and look forward to completing the last items in our home.

    -Sincerely, The Waters Family, Thousand Oaks

    Hi Parry. Thanks for doing a beautiful job. Your team is awesome!

    -Sherry, Camarillo, CA

    Parry and his crew are simply…outstanding. They came in, did the job in a neat and orderly fashion. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new windows and doors.

    -God Bless You! Morty Waxman, Sherman Oaks

    Parry: Your crew did a great job installing the window. The finishing work was perfect. It looks like it’s always been there. Thanks.

    -Joe, Newbury Park, CA

    Dear Parry: Thanks for checking my windows (even washing some!). You, Vernon, Lonnie and Luis did a great job. I appreciate your “follow–up.” Best to Deanna and Donna.

    -Barbara, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Hi Parry: Your men did a great job Saturday installing our new windows. We appreciated their professionalism and attention to detail in doing a thorough job. They debriefed us on the features of our new windows and took the time to answer any questions we had. We appreciate your understanding and patience in dealing with our needs throughout this process.

    -Sara, Culver City, CA

    Just want you to know how pleased we are with our new windows, Parry. They look beautiful – so light. Your guys couldn’t have been nicer and more professional.

    -Sandy, Simi Valley, CA

    Just want to let you know Parry, great job! Compliment on what Lonnie and his crew did. Awesome people working for you, Parry. Thank you again and we’ll see them on the 20th.

    -Bev and Paul, Port Hueneme, CA

    Hi Parry. We could not be happier with the results or with Lonnie. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The team is tireless, talented, and detail–oriented. So hard to find people like you. Thanks again for living up to your reputation.

    -Josh, Agoura, CA

    Hi Parry, just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our new windows!!! The guys were very nice AND neat! They did a great job. A BIG thank you for the beautiful windows!

    -Tina, Westlake Village, CA

    Parry, thanks again for job well done! We were so pleased with how quickly and professionally your team replaced the window and secured a permit this week. Please let them know we are grateful!

    -Lettie, Westlake Village, CA

    Hi Parry, I wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new windows. They make such a difference. We haven’t turned on the heat or air since they were installed. (Which is a big deal for us.) The crew was totally pro. and they made the installation process easy. We regret not doing the last window, so we will be in touch soon. Thanks again

    -Darren and Michafela Leader

    Hi Dave, Hope you enjoyed your trip. You have a great crew working for you! Please thank each of them for me. I was very impressed by how hard they worked, how fast they worked, and how thorough and courteous they are. I appreciate the effort they took by laying down the cardboard to protect the carpeting and how they completely cleaned up after themselves. The dry wall and stucco work are top notch. Please pass my commendation on to Parry. I don’t know if I’m happier with the windows themselves or just how much better it looks to have that gold trim gone! The windows greatly improve the appearance of the house. I am so thankful you suggested the kitchen window to be the XOX and to take down the pass through shelf. I have trouble envisioning things in my mind, I need to visually be able to see it. Glad I went with the clear glass in the bathrooms. I’ll need to get used to the master bedroom window’s different opening. Hope it does help with cross ventilation. You were right about the sound difference. Again, thank you for leading me down that path. Had them shut for a few hours just to test it out. Only thing I could somewhat hear were the truck s but I had no expectation I would not be able to hear some noise. I was concerned about opening and closing the slider due to the weight of the thicker glass. Again, you were right, it is easy to open and close. In fact, the windows themselves seem to be heavier to open and shut due to the glass thickness than the shutter. I had asked if I needed to take things off the wall. When Parry was here he mentioned when he was at a customers and something that was sentimental to the customer fell and broke. My things on the walls I put up with a lick and a prayer they would stay up. I had envisioned pounding and hammering to make the windows fit. No vibration at all. I moved almost everything out of their way so they only had to take the blinds down and move the dining room table. Now to put the house back together and wish would win the lottery so I could do everything to the house I would like to and when I wanted to! Thank you again


    To the owner(s) of Window Solutions Last week, your service man, Henry came to install double screen doors at our residence in Thousand Oaks, I just wanted to take a moment to convey what a fantastic job he did and how satisfied we are with the outcome, I do know that custom screen door installation is not for the faint of heart. But not only did Henry install them perfectly when he departed, he left everything clean and in perfect condition, Aside from that, my wife happened to notice the minutest of tears in one of the screens, and while he could have said we needed to deal with the manufacturer or whatever, Henry without hesitation, promised to come back and repair it….which he did just a little later that same afternoon. So, I just wanted to express our appreciation and gratitude for a job done absolutely perfectly! From the first phone call to the completion of the job, we couldn’t be happier with the experience. What a shame that every business out there does not operate with the same integrity and commitment to quality customer service as you. Thank you again, and best regards!

    -Cora & Mark, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Hi to all, I was going to send you an email about this but just figured I can cut and paste my Yelp review instead: Goodbye to those horrible 1950 casement windows! We had been collecting quotes for months, ranging from $12k to $30k (yes $30k) for 12 windows in our house. I got to talking with our neighbors and they said they got their windows done by Window Solutions and had great feedback. Here’s how it worked: Monday I called Parry. He said he would call me back. Within an hour, Donna called me, nice as can be, and scheduled an estimate for the next day at 4:30. Next day 4:30, Chuck is at my house. Measures, spends about ten minutes telling me about the brands they carry and the warrantees. He wasn’t overbearing like some other contractors were and didn’t push the sale (some other quotes we got, they literally wouldn’t leave and pushed the sale until I told them to go). Chuck promptly responded to all of my (surely obnoxious) emails and gave me all the info I needed to make the decision. Windows ordered! I was a little nervous about the installation process. We have a dog and cats and they can get spooked and run around. The crew of four was totally understanding and made sure to get one room done and cleaned so the pets can stay in there. They did such a fantastic job with the install and clean up afterward. They were super friendly and didn’t mind me looking over their shoulders while they worked so I could see how it’s done! We have had the windows for a week now and we are soooooo happy. Nothing has gone wrong and we have gotten so many compliments about how clean and beautiful the install is. Some closing points: when you’re purchasing something you will use for more than 20 years, you want a reputable company that will value the relationship with their customer for the long run. Some of the places that I got quotes from were reasonably priced but I felt uncomfortable calling for the THIRD time to check on my quote. They sounded annoyed, they are unfriendly. Would I feel comfortable calling them if I had a problem a few years down the line? NO. I wanted a company that I could work well with, not someone that is already rude and short with me before they have even made a sale. I got a wonderful impression from EVERY PERSON I SPOKE TO at Window Solutions. Their timeliness and professionalism was fantastic, everything I could ask for with such a big purchase. I commend this organization on their customer service and couldn’t say enough about it. Side note, their price was the best of all the quotes I got and they did an immaculate job. I wish I knew about this place before but it’s never too late! If you need windows don’t waste your time, call them and see for yourself! Oh and in case you’re wondering, I got the Simonton windows. BEAUTIFUL.

    Reggie D., Burbank,CA