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Bay and Bow windows project out from the house to create a shelf or window seat on the interior.  A Bow window is three or more windows linked together coming out on a shallow angle.  Bow windows are 3 windows with a 30 or 45 degree angled protrusion from the house.  Typically the center window is a large fixed window and the end two operate.

Exterior of a house

DaylightMax Window Auburn Home

Exterior of a bay window

DaylightMax Bay Window

My Window Solutionsoffers a variety of services inCalifornia, including

  • Window Styles

    • Single / Double Hung Window
    • Bay/Bow Window
    • Casement Window
    • Awning Window
    • Sliding Windows
    • Garden Window
  • Window Frame Material

    • Wood Windows
    • Fiberglass Windows
    • Vinyl Windows
    • Aluminium Windows
  • Door Style

    • Sliding Door
    • Entry Doors
    • French Doors
    • Interior doors
    • Closet Doors
  • Door Frame Material

    • Wood Doors
    • Fiberglass Doors
    • Vinyl Doors
    • Aluminium Doors