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Do I have to break the stucco out to install my new windows?

No your stucco can remain in most cases.  The retro fit process is a noninvasive process that can get your new windows installed with no damage, no paint work, and less money.  Retro fitting of windows is accepted by the building codes as long as it is done to code specification.

Will my blinds still work with my new windows?

Yes, in most cases we can reinstall your old blinds right back up in the same location.  Sometimes we have to move them a little to accommodate for the new window, but the majority of our jobs the old blinds go right back in place.

How long will the job take?

A typical retrofit job is done in one day.  We arrive in the morning, and the place is cleaned up and ready to enjoy the new windows by that evening.  If your job is larger we may take multiple days, but we never leave your home open to the elements.

How long does it take from order to installation?

3-5 weeks is typical for most jobs.  Certain products have longer production times, but the majority of our jobs are installed by about 4 weeks from order.

Do I have to move my furniture?

We will prepare our work areas by moving furniture, blinds, and putting protection on your floor.  When the job is done we will put those items back as we found them.  We do ask if you can remove small/ fragile items off that furniture that is in front of windows is appreciated.

Do the windows come with screens?

Yes, all windows and sliding doors come with their screens from the manufacture.

Will the new windows help reduce noise from the outside?

Yes, dual pane windows offer significant sound reduction in comparison to single pane.  We can also order the dual pane windows with special thicker glass to further increase the sound reduction.  We also have specially designed sound windows for especially noisy situations.

Will the new windows protect my furniture and floor?

Yes, the glass technology has achieved significant UV reduction with the Low E coatings.  The strongest coatings offer 90% UV blockage, so the damage to floor and furniture will be dramatically reduced.

Will the Argon gas leak out?

Most of the brands offer Argon gas fill on the dual pane glass.  This Argon is heavier than our atmosphere and increases the energy efficiency of your window.  It is possible for the gas to leak out, which would mean the seal on the dual pane window has failed.  If the Argon leaks out, regular air will fill the void left as the Argon leaves.  This regular air has moisture in it, and the glass will begin to fog over.  This possibility of failure is why we have chosen companies who warranty against this failure.  Almost all of our manufacture cover this and they cover the labor to replace the glass.

What about my alarms?

We do not promise the ability to attach all your alarms to the new windows, and calling your alarm company may be required.  Upon seeing your system we will let you know if our guys will be able to re attach, or if you will need to call your alarm company.  Please show this to your sales consultant, they will let you know what is needed.