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Window Installation 101

There are 2 basic ways to install a window.
Nail On or New Construction
Rretro Fit

Nail on:

You will find nail on or new construction application on all new build projects.  This is where the new window is flashed and attached to the framing of the building prior to the exterior siding or stucco being installed.  This application can also be done on a home that needs windows replaced.  In the case when replacing with nail on windows you will need to remove the stucco or surrounding exterior treatment of the home.  Once the exterior is removed, you remove the old window, re flash and install the new window.  You will then need to replace the exterior finish to complete the job.

Retro fit:

The retro fit window replacement is most common in homes that need to replace windows.  By definition the retro fit is fitting a new window in your existing window opening.  This is done without the removal of exterior treatment.  Their are several applications of a retro fit, the two most common are the “insert” used when the home has wood windows originally.  The other is the stucco flange replacement, used when the home’s original windows are aluminum or steel.

Insert style retrofit windows.  As stated this method is used when replacing in wood.  The idea is to leave the original wood frame in tact, minimizing the impact and architectural change to the home.  When doing an insert you will order windows that fit just inside the wood frame side to side, and height is measured from the highest part of the sloped bottom to the upper frame.  You will deduct 1/4 inch from exact width and height to allow for adjustment.  We order a window with a sloped sill adapter or flange, and install the new window from the inside.  The new window tips into the square exterior wood stops, creating a seal with window sealant, leaving your home with the same look of wood windows and the function and efficiency of new windows.

Stucco flange windows are installed over the existing aluminum frames.  We remove the moving and fixed portion of you old window, order a window that fits just inside your old aluminum frame.  The new window is bonded to your old frame with window sealant, and the old frame is hidden with interior trim.  This gives you all the benefits and look of new windows without the cost and work of breaking out the stucco and drywall around your windows.